Website & Online Business Consulting
We don’t just do WordPress. With over 15 years in web design and online business, we are experts in every step of  running an online business, or getting your offline business onto the web.  Marketing, Site Design, Search Engine Optimization, Business Planning, we can help.

WordPress Core Updates
With over 75 Million installations (18% of all websites), WordPress is the largest Content Management System on the web. Because of this it is constantly updated to fix bugs and security issues as they arise. Keeping up with these constant updates can get time consuming, and if any of those updates breaks your site, you could be without a working website for days at a time. We take care of all that stress for you. We are experts in WordPress and have the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle any issues that can arise during the updates process.

Theme Updates
WordPress uses Themes to make your website look beautiful for your customers and clients. These themes, like the WordPress core, need to be updated regularly. Whenever an update needs to be performed, there is always a chance of an issue, and we take care of the updates and any issues quickly.

Plugin updates
Plugins are used by WordPress to add specific features to your website like contact forms, e-commerce features, and a multitude of other add on features.  Guess what? They need to be updated regularly in order to keep them secure and working with the latest changes to the WordPress core. Just like the rest of the update process, we take care of it all, and will go as far as contacting plugin authors for you and resolving any issues that pop up with the latest updates.

Full Site Backups
Your webhost offers backups of your website, on the same server your website is on. If something happens you can lose your site AND your backups. We use reliable cloud backups options on Amazon S3, Google Drive, and/or DropBox servers. Keeping these backups separate from your main server will add the best protection when something goes wrong.  Consistent backups are also the secret weapon in combating issues with any updates being performed, as well as problems with hackers. Backups reduce downtime and make changing webhosts, if necessary, a breeze.

Broken Links Scan
You are busy running your business, we get it. We take away the worries of making sure that your content and the links to other content doesn’t become outdated or broken. We look over the whole website and fix any issues we see with buggy forms or plugin issues, and scan for any broken links. We fix the issues as necessary and alert you to items that need your attention.

Security checks
 It is necessary to monitor your site’s security daily. We stay up to date with any vulnerability that surfaces and apply fixes to your site as necessary.  We also put systems in place to alert us to any incidents that could occur outside of our daily checks.

Tech Support
We know WordPress, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we know where to find it. Maybe you want to add a new feature and need a recommendation on which plugin to use, we can recommend one. What if you are fairly hands on but are having trouble figuring out how to setup a plugin or make a change to the site? Shoot us a message and we can provide you with instructions or log in and take care of it for you.

Content Changes
Let us take care of your content updates and quick fixes so you don’t have to. Send it to us and have it done quickly.

We not only design and service WordPress websites, we host them as well. We can provide hosting for your WordPress sites ranging from a small business info site, all the way up to dedicated servers for businesses that want to supply hosting and resell our services to their clients.

Website Analytics
Analytics will help you understand your potential clients and customers. Using them can give you the ability to improve how your website performs and who it reaches. We will create and send you a monthly Analytics report so that you can see how your website is performing.

Basic SEO Analysis
We can go through your site and provide and in depth analysis of what needs to be changed and updated on your website in order to optimize your website for search engines like Google.

Malware Scans
Malware in a website can wreak havoc to your search engine rankings and potentially get your site temporarily marked as an infected site in your Google Search results. We take proactive measures to reduce the chance of malware infection and in the case that something gets through, we are there to quickly clean your site and take care of getting it off of Google’s blacklist.