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WordPress Core Updates
With over 75 Million installations (18% of all websites), WordPress is the largest Content Management System on the web. Because of this it is constantly updated to fix bugs and security issues as they arise. Keeping up with these constant updates can get time consuming, and if any of those updates breaks your site, you could be without a working website for days at a time. We take care of all that stress for you. We are experts in WordPress and have the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle any issues that can arise during the updates process.

Theme Updates
WordPress uses Themes to make your website look beautiful for your customers and clients. These themes, like the WordPress core, need to be updated regularly. Whenever an update needs to be performed, there is always a chance of an issue, and we take care of the updates and any issues quickly.

Plugin updates
Plugins are used by WordPress to add specific features to your website like contact forms, e-commerce features, and a multitude of other add on features.  Guess what? They need to be updated regularly in order to keep them secure and working with the latest changes to the WordPress core. Just like the rest of the update process, we take care of it all, and will go as far as contacting plugin authors for you and resolving any issues that pop up with the latest updates.