Web Hosting & Email Service

$750.00 / year

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  • Provided by STG Inc. dba SomeWebHost.com (trusted business partner)
  • $65 per month, billed annually at a discount for a total of $750 per year.
  • Includes 2 email inboxes that through Google Apps for Work. (Gmail at your domain)
  • Additional email accounts are $7.50 /month, also billed annually.
  • All email accounts setup and managed by BitServed & STG Inc.
  • Email accounts will be @yourdomain.com (to match your website domain).
  • Group email aliases like [email protected] are included.
  • Hosting is completely managed and website is on its own VPS so that there is no congestion on the server, and none of the speed and reliability issues that you would have with a shared hosting plan like those given for $5-$25 per month by GoDaddy , HostGator, and other similar hosts.


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