Payment Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Web Design Projects:

Payment is expected in the following increments:

  • 50% Website Design down payment – due at project start, see Project Timeline
  • 100% of first year of any Annual payments – due at project start, see Project Timeline
  • 25% Paid after conclusion of first design review – Review date detailed in Project Timeline
  • 25% Paid 2 Days prior to launch – Launch date detailed in Project Timeline
  • 100% of first months maintenance payment – due upon Launch of website, see Project Timeline

Upon acceptance of proposal, BitServed will supply the Client with a scheduled start date and
payment due dates for all three payments, as well as a list of materials and information needed to begin work
on the project. The Client must pay BitServed on the dates specified, whether or not the Client has
supplied BitServed with the necessary materials, and whether or not the site has been launched (if
the delay is due to client not supplying list of changes, materials, passwords, or other needed information.)

Third Party Payment Details

Client is responsible for payments to 3rd party platforms that will be integrated into the website, as well as any
services not supplied by BitServed such as:

  • Reservation System integrated into the website.
  • Hosting services that are not supplied by BitServed, or trusted partner companies.
  • SSL certificate renewals not detailed in this proposal for any eCommerce integrations
  • Domain renewals not detailed in this proposal.
  • Any fees for Themes, Plugins, or Software that is not included in this proposal.


Terms & Conditions for Maintenance Services:

  • Payment is required before services are performed.
  • Monthly Services will be billed every month on the day the service was purchased.
  • In the event of cancellation, services will be provided up until 30 days after final payment.
  • Premium Plugin access will terminate upon termination of service.
  • Clients will need to purchase licenses for plugins, through plugin authors, in order to get updates after termination of service with BitServed